Servicios de Planificación de Ortodoncia Invisible

Invisible Orthodontics Case Reviewing & Initial Evaluation

Description of the Services

Invisible Orthodontics Planning Reviewing. Intended to help Doctors when doubts arise about the Invisible Orthodontics Planning and we need or just would like to discuss the case with an expert, to receive some advice about predictability or to solve doubts about how to achieve certain movements, how to request concrete modifications and any questions in general.

Initial Evaluation for 'before to start' analysys of any Invisible Orthodontics case. Becouse many times we find ourselves with some doubts about the type of product to use (will it fit in an Invisalign's® i7/Lite, or maybe we will need a Comprehensive? Would it be enough with a SPARK10/SPARK20 or will I need a SPARK™ Advanced?), or we need some assistance on how to better plan de case from the very beginning.

We work on thousands of cases every year, this experience and our broad knowlegde of the technique allows us to offer you a rock solid and strong advising

Invistart specialists will analyze in detail your Invisible Orthodontics Planning with you, along with all the available records (pictures, Rx, scanners) in order to give you the best advice possible about the existing Treatment Planning or to guide you in choosing the best Invisible Orthodontics options for your case. We can help you estimate the length of the different treatment options and guide you into the best path possible, based in your own diagnostics and clinical preferences.

If once finished the Evaluation you decide to continue with our assistance in developing the full Treatment Planning, by purchasing the option, we will discount the cost of the Evaluation from the Full Planning Development fee.