Servicios de Planificación de ClinCheck ®

Save time and Effort!

The critical point when working with aligners is to develop the best possible planning from the very beginning. Developing a treatment plan with Invisalign ® tools can consume a lot of time and effort, and sometimes can also be frustrating. Invistart will help you with that so you can devote your time and dedication to your patients, instead of wasting it in front of a computer.

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Focus on Your Patients

Use Invistart as an additional tool or Technical Resource for your Clinic, to help powering up your business, increase your capacities and to offer an even better service to your patients.

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More Predictable and Shorter Treatments

At Invistart we specialize in advising doctors to make their ClinCheck ® Plannings more predictable in order to ensure a higher success ratio of the Treatments, reducing the need of additional aligners.

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Main Services

We have a wide and deep experience in working with Invisalign ® ClinCheck ® Plannings and Treatments, this is why we can offer the following services

We will help you properly Evaluating an Orthodontics case prior to request any Invisalign services, in order to evaluate the different existing options, treatment durations and possible treatment plans

We will do the full ClinCheck ® Planning Development based in Patients Doctor Orthodontic diagnostic and clinical preferences

Education focused on Doctors real needs. At Invistart we propose a complete Education Planning: from your first steps with the technique to the more advanced levels. Go Step by Step or Jump right to what you need. It's all about you.