Servicios de Planificación de Ortodoncia Invisible

Invisible Orthodontics Planning Developing

Description of the Service

As you probably already know, developing treatment plannings with Invisalign ClinCheck ® Pro tools require a lot of time and effort to ensure the cases success. It is of great importance to know really well both the technique and the treatment protocols to know when and how to apply them to face the different maloclussions types. Also, it's essential to have wide Orthodontics knowlegde in order to properly understand the biomechanics of the treatment plan, becouse can can't forget this is another Orthodontics technique.

At Invistart we can help you evaluating all the dental movements as well as how to apply all the necessary changes in the treatment, from the very beginning until the end of the Clincheck® planning development, in order to obtain a suitable and rock solid treatment plan that fulfills all the objectives and clinical preferences. We can even help Doctors to fill in prescription forms or even to optimize the clinical Preferences, if needed or more convenient.

At Invistart we have a wide and long experience in reviewing ClinCheck ® Treatment Plans

After several years working as Clinical Specialist for Invisalign, our team holds a deep and strong experience in reviewing ClinCheck ® Treatment Plans, as well as an extense knowledge of the techniques, conveniently backed up with the necessary clinical practical experience and expertise.

With our ClinCheck ® Treatment Plan Developing Service we can help you to deliver the best treatment possible to your patients, always based on your diagnostic and analytics of the patient